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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes what information we collect when you use our application, Camp Starlink. This privacy policy is intended for this product only, in all forms, including our Chrome extension, web site, iOS app, or Android app. This policy describes what information we collect and how it is used.

The developers of this site have other properties, including, but not limited to, ZippyMatch and RVcycle. This privacy policy does not apply to those properties. Likewise, the policies of those properties do not apply to your usage of Camp Starlink.


At the very minimum, we collect and store your:

- Email address

By default, Google or other authentication providers may send us additional information, which we may store or use at our discretion. As of the writing of this policy, your email address is the only piece of information utilized by the service.

- Your location

When you submit data to us, we may collect the GPS coordinates of your mobile device. Or, in the case of our Chrome extension, we may geocode your IP address to attempt to detect your approximate location. This information may or may not be publicly displayed alongside your review of Starlink service at a given campground.


In the event of a crash or other problem, we may automatically collect anonymized data about your device. This may include your operating system, battery life, Wi-Fi / cellular connectivity status, and other general information. Device information is not generally correlated to personal information by us, but may be correlated by the providers we use (such as Google).


We use your email address to attribute data submissions to users and to prevent abuse to our platform. We do not share, distribute, or sell your personal information to anyone.

We may also contact you at your email address to make you aware of changes to our privacy policy or terms and conditions.

We also collect your location whenever you submit a Starlink connectivity report. Generally speaking, we will share precise GPS coordinates of your dish with other users. This is to help your fellow campers achieve a good connection at a similar campsite.


Generally, data submitted to our servers is kept in perpetuity.


Please note that we are currently not catering to European users, and currently make no efforts to be GDPR complaint.


Camp Starlink currently does not meet any of the thresholds required to trigger the California Consumer Privacy Act. We will likely update this privacy policy when and if this is necessary.


We may update this privacy policy from time to time in order to reflect changes to our App or for other regulatory reasons.


Camp Starlink is published by ZippyMatch, LLC, located at 514 Americas Way, Suite 11489, Box Elder, SD 57719. Please write to us by mail if you have any questions about this privacy policy, need more information, or would like to make a complaint.